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The Brilliance of Brooklyn

For years and years, Manhattanites vehemently refused to go to Brooklyn. All sorts of excuses came to mind – it was ‘too far away’ and had little to offer. Venturing there would be a waste of time and energy. And much of the world didn’t […]


Taking a Breather on Lamma Island

Breathe in, breathe out…a key reason I’ve already fallen in love with Hong Kong is that there are a multitude of quick and easy ways to escape the chaos. As one example, an easy-breezy 30-minute ferry from pier 4 in Central (with a nominal fare […]


The Urban Oasis of Hong Kong Park

What images do you conjure when thinking about Hong Kong? Most likely a densely packed city with skyscapers and retail therapy as far as the eye can see, perhaps the night market. Yes? All accurate. But what most non-HKers (including myself, until I moved here) […]