Welcome to WanderFong! My name is Deb Fong, and I am currently a Netherlands-based expat by way of New York City and most recently Hong Kong!

Funny where life takes you – I never expected to actually live abroad. Living in Hong Kong with my husband Mark for 2.5 years, I discovered the big city draws and the hidden little gems, the old and the new, the local nuances and the more western influences, the traditional and the edgy, the eclectic mix of true locals and fellow expats. I immersed myself in everything – the amalgam of cuisine, culture, the incredible natural surroundings, the promise of new friends with their own unique stories. And I thoroughly enjoyed my deeper explorations of the region. My travel adventures, photography, and blog coverage of the region led me to become a contributor on various platforms, including the Getty Images Moment Collection, MasterCard’s Priceless Cities Hong Kong campaign, and the newly launched travel magazine Borderlines.

I decided to start my blog (originally called Hong Kong Fong), more as a personal diary of sorts, but it has evolved to become more of an immersive experience covering broader territory as I continue to travel the world. Now based in Europe, I am excited about my next chapter. More than ever, I want to absorb and document my explorations both in writing and with the photos I always enjoy taking (I’ve been photographing around the world for about 16 years – for more info on this, please see below).

I look forward to continuing to share my perspectives with other like-minded explorers and those who are just curious. Please join me on my adventures, and I hope you enjoy my observations of and musings on life in the Netherlands and travel throughout Europe and beyond. Thanks for reading, and please share with your friends and family!

All images © 2016 deb fong photography. If you wish to utilize, share, or reproduce any images from my sites, please ask my permission first.  Thank you!


A few other notes:

You may enjoy my photography-only website, debfong.com.

I welcome you to please follow me on Instagram (@wanderfong), where I share a daily dose of travel/street photography and relevant tips or commentary. I was named a winner of Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project #WHPfilltheframe contest on September 21, 2015. I received honorable mentions in travel community blog Passion Passport’s #PPReflection#PPtravelpatterns, and #PPHereToThere contests in early 2016. My work has been featured by @savoteurco, @worldnomads, @indiapictures, @igersrajasthan, @go.and.explore, @travel_pics_daily, @wish_you_were_here_photography, @rangeelorajasthan, and @jaipurcityblog.



I’m thrilled to have received the Liebster Blog Award (12 October, 20132 July, 2014, and 15 November, 2014) and also the Versatile Blogger Award (19 December, 2013).

Such recognition is deeply appreciated.

Please remember to share/like/comment on the posts/bloggers you enjoy reading, whether me or someone else!



48 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sirana Gligora Paški Sir says:

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks for the ‘like’ on our post. I’d love to send you some samples of the cheese available through Profood if you’d consider reviewing it?



    • Thank you for your interest in having me review some of your products. I have emailed you separately (a couple days ago) to arrange.


  2. RaisingDragonBoy says:

    Hi Deb, Thank you for visiting my blog and the like! I now live in Singapore, but miss Hong Kong. So I hope to stay connected to Hong Kong via your blog. Your photos are superb. Cheers, Mom of Dragon Boy


    • Hello Mom of Dragon Boy! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind compliment. I greatly appreciate it! Happy to hear you will be following to keep up on HK – it is an honor. I’ll have to request Singapore recommendations once I make it out there, if I may..


      • RaisingDragonBoy says:

        Of course, it would me my pleasure to share some of my findings on Singapore with you. : ) Mom of Dragon Boy


  3. Hello, Deb Fong, I am Richard. I just found you liked one of my post A glimpse of the MTR. I am a journalism student at Hong Baptist University and want to be friend with you!


  4. Hi Deb, Let me click on the follow button first before going to explore more here.

    Your images are simply stunning 🙂

    I think, now you are in one of the best place for photography, Hong Kong.

    Have a great time.


    • Hello Sreejith – thank you so much for visiting, following, and for your kind words! I really appreciate your support. Likewise, I am enjoying your blog and look forward to following more on your adventures in Kerala and beyond. As I think you saw, we visited there for the first time just a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Such a beautiful part of the country, and a very interesting contrast to the north. Happy new year, cheers!


  5. I have just come back from a Hong Kong trip and I am missing it badly. Feels nice to have discovered your blog, one day I shall return 🙂


    • HK is indeed a pretty incredible city. We just moved last July, and it quickly felt like home yet in such an adventure-bearing way 😉 Thanks so much for reading, and I hope to welcome you back to HK soon! I will enjoying following your blog, as well.


  6. thank you for following my blog! happy that you like it 🙂 what an interesting blog you have! for sure will be back here 🙂 have a nice weekend!


    • Thank you, and I will look forward to your posts. Siena is beautiful, I remember thinking about what I could do for a living to allow me to stay there longer 😉


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  8. I’ve been reading through your posts this morning. You’ve made a great blog: Interesting, entertaining, artful — and with lots of food. Love food. And I know from experience that Hong Kong has some of the best.


    • Hi Steven, thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing such lovely feedback! HK has a mixed food scene, in my opinion, but there are some gems ;). Look forward to checking out your site, as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. therockmom says:

    Hi there – I heard about you from Ruth (bluebalu) and am looking forward to trying some of your recommendations. It’s inspiring us to get out more, not always easy with kids, but we bring them along when we can. Foodies in training! Cheers, Jennifer

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hi Deb!! How come I never found your blog before?
    You have such an interesting life story! I fell in love with your pictures and surely will be looking forward to reading your stories! 🙂


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    • Thanks so much, Jean! Appreciate you stopping by and also your kind wishes! So much to learn and enjoy while traveling and living abroad..


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